around the traps

And lastly... I feel the world is a better place because someone made this happen:

I just like to think of the night he turned around to his girlfriend or flatmates or whoever and said "hey I've got an idea..."

around the traps

  • Gillard moves to ban live odds, restrict gambling ads during games: [Prime Minister Gillard] formally announced the government's demand that TV and radio networks ban the promotion of live odds and restrict gambling advertisements during sporting matches in a press conference at Kirribilli on Sunday afternoon. ... "Younger Australians in particular should continue to talk about which is the best football team … not which team is at the shortest odds to win a game."
  • nine inch nails 'the fragile' production journals (revived from 1999 version of
  • Liberator | Police Warn About 3D Printed Gun | Photos: Police have warned of the threat from a plastic gun that "will kill at both ends". Previous 3D gun freakouts haven't been particularly concerning, as you still needed to have most of the real gun. This, however, is footage of a genuine entirely 3D printed gun. It seems almost equally likely to kill the person holding it as the intended victim, which is probably why the Police were willing to share the footage - as a deterrent. I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing calls for bans or at least licensing for 3D printers.
  • What laws of physics?

  • We will eventually get a great compact camera with phone, instead of a phone with a compromised camera... Attack of the camera-phones: Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy NX and S 4 Zoom | Ars Technica