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  • Instagram and self-esteem: Why the photo-sharing network is even more depressing than Facebook. - Slate Magazine: So far, academic studies of Instagram’s effects on our emotional states are scarce. But it’s tempting to extrapolate those effects from the Facebook studies, because out of the many activities Facebook offers, the three things that correlate most strongly with a self-loathing screen hangover are basically the three things that Instagram is currently for: loitering around others’ photos, perfunctory like-ing, and “broadcasting” to a relatively amorphous group.
  • Rik Oostenbroek: next level (3d retro future NES art)
  • It's the job of an election candidate to know their stuff | Clarke and Dawe must look at this stuff sometimes and just think 'nah, we can't make that look more ridiculous than it already is'.
  • Use your words | Christian Heilmann: Words are powerful, they spark a theatre in the head. People reading your words make their own pictures at a speed pictures could never be transmitted. Instead of giving one image you create a gallery, one that you will never see, but your readers do. And this gallery is very personal to them and thus gets remembered much more. Of course words can cause controversy, misunderstandings and can hurt. But even then they can spark a conversation and make you realise the effect of your actions much more than a “like” or an “upvote” could ever do.
  • A Brilliant Piece Of Street Art That Only Makes Sense At Night -
  • Humans of New York
  • Murdoch sends trusted general 'Col Pot' to bring down Rudd over NBN: Why Murdoch wants Rudd to lose the coming federal election is not merely political, it is commercial. News Corp hates the government's national broadband network. The company has formed a view that it poses a threat to the business model of by far its most important asset in Australia, the Foxtel cable TV monopoly it jointly owns with Telstra. Murdoch has declared war on Rudd by dispatching his most trusted field general, Allan, whose reputation is built on his closeness to Murdoch and his long history of producing pungent front-page splashes and pugnacious campaigns. Given the front pages the Tele's been pumping out since this guy arrived (dodgy photoshops and attack opinion pieces), it's clearly all out war on Rudd.


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