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  • Few women, lots of private school Catholics: The lopsided gender balance of Tony Abbott's cabinet has caused a stir. But how does it compare with the Australian population on other major demographic characteristics such as age, religion, schooling and occupation?
  • Magical NeverWet Street Art Only Appears When It Rains
  • The Norwegian prison where inmates are treated like people | Society | The Guardian: "In closed prisons we keep them locked up for some years and then let them back out, not having had any real responsibility for working or cooking. In the law, being sent to prison is nothing to do with putting you in a terrible prison to make you suffer. The punishment is that you lose your freedom. If we treat people like animals when they are in prison they are likely to behave like animals. Here we pay attention to you as human beings."
  • Ignore the GTA 5 sceptics: adults do play video games | Technology | So, you see, part of why this "do adults really play games" thing makes me cross is that it's about intellectual snobbery, or even just intellectual ignorance (is that an oxymoron?). No one scoffs incredulously at commuters doing the crossword, or at Magnus Carlsen winning a chess tournament – but they're doing the same thing as gamers – they are playing. And we should never ever stop playing.
  • Adactio: Journal—CERN and the line-mode browser
  • Christopher Pyne reveals university shake-up: The Abbott government plans a drastic overhaul of the higher education system, including axeing the compulsory fee collected by universities to support student services and scrapping Labor's targets to lift participation by disadvantaged students. The Abbott regime, where higher education is only for the rich. Student fees are there to provide support services like child care, health services and affordable cafeterias. Annoyingly though, usually heaps of the budget also goes on subsidised sport. That would put the Lycra Monk in a curious place, philosophically... wanting to remove child care but keep the gym...


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