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  • Terrible real estate agent photographs
  • Knight v Snail - Medieval manuscripts blog: As anyone who is familiar with 13th and 14th century illuminated manuscripts can attest, images of armed knights fighting snails are common, especially in marginalia.
  • Learn X in Y Minutes: Scenic Programming Language Tours
  • The 5 Weirdest Side Effects of Moving to a New Country |
  • Mark Webber says he has starved for years as formula one struggles with 'heavy' drivers: Red Bull's Mark Webber responded to the speculation by tweeting his sympathy for heavier drivers, claiming that he has been starving himself for years and adding that the perfect driver weight was now between 60 to 65kg. The Australian, 182cm tall, weighs around 75kg compared with his teammate Sebastian Vettel who is 175cm and weighs 64kg. ... The issue of driver weight is a long-standing one in formula one. David Coulthard admitted to suffering from bulimia as a teenager as he struggled to make his way in the sport. While Button said he was in no danger of developing an eating disorder, he admitted that he fasts before each race and "never" eats carbohydrates.
  • Google Is Exploring an Alternative to Cookies for Ad Tracking - Google’s idea, first reported by USA Today, comes as advertisers are beginning to panic about finding alternatives to cookies, and as other efforts to establish standards for online tracking fall apart. Advertisers need to start looking at the quality of their creative; promoting the value of tracking to users (targeting = relevant ads = not getting irrelevant shit shoved in your face); and generally just stop being so underhanded. People need to trust the idea of giving some data to get a return, before they'll give the data.
  • What Do Car Badges Reveal About Japanese Design Culture?: This is because, Shiro Nakmura explained, Japan is as East as East gets. A little island parenthesis right off the shore of Asia. As a result, Japan really, really appreciates the concepts and ideas they borrow from outside cultures, since there's a sense that they're tucked out at the end of the world. They respect outside ideas to such a degree that they want the words used in their language to maintain the character of where the orginal concepts came from. Cars came to Japan initially from primarily English-speaking countries, and certainly places that used the western/Latin alphabet. As a result, that alphabet is now always associated with cars in Japanese culture, and the idea of using anything other than Western characters to write the name of a car just seems absurd to Japanese people.


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