2013 mix tape

(There used to be a Grooveshark playlist here, but then record companies happened.)

  1. Sex Rocket (Original Version) - Tycho Brahe (who can resist, particularly with the lego film clip...)
  2. JAL to Tokyo - Underworld (the sound of flying and culture shock, perhaps? ;))
  3. Walk On - Hilltop Hoods (probably the track of the year for me, in many ways)
  4. Screenwriter's Blues - Soul Coughing (just love the feeling this captures a little moment)
  5. Nightswimming - R.E.M. (a song for moments of transition)
  6. The Staunton Lick - Lemon Jelly (a track that's rattled around in my head for years, finally bought the album)
  7. Hat Full Of Sunshine (feat. Sadie Jemmett) - Professor Elemental
  8. The Attic - Professor Elemental (was going to see the Prof at Steamfest, but in the end he couldn't make the event)
  9. Steampunk Revolution - Abney Park
  10. Throw Them Overboard - Abney Park (DID see Abney Park at Steamfest, which was awesome)
  11. All Time Low - Nine Inch Nails (awesome new album)
  12. Last Dance - Covenant (another awesome new album)
  13. Retaliate - VNV Nation
  14. Aeroscope - VNV Nation (another aweseome new album... it was a nice run :))
  15. Washington Square - Chinese Man (recommendation from a friend)
  16. Ghostwriter - RJD2
  17. Time to Go (feat. Aloe Blacc) - Wax Tailor (think I found this and RJD2 entirely via Spotify)
  18. The Seed (2.0) - The Roots (was lucky enough to be given a ticket to see these guys live)

To hear Loveless check out Triplex Part 1 over on spotify. Plus there was a bit of a sidetrack into electro-jazz, if you've already had a couple of coffees...

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