sydney weather severity scale

  1. Instagrams bragging about unseasonably mild weather
  2. People go to the footy
  3. Instagrams complaining about weather actually matching season
  4. Instagrams of broken umbrellas
  5. People stay in and watch footy on TV
  6. Instagrams of Manly ferry in huge waves
  7. People in wetsuits dodge waves on boardwalks
  8. Manly ferry stops running
  9. Instagrams of garden furniture upended in back yard
  10. People in wetsuits go to the footy
  11. People who don't catch it notice the Manly ferry stopped running
  12. People told not to go to festivals
  13. People surprised to discover cars don't float
  14. People told not to go anywhere at all
  15. People in wetsuits swim in local park
  16. Instagrams of neighbour's roof in back yard
  17. People in wetsuits told to go home
  18. Festivals cancelled
  19. Manly ferry converted to ark
  20. Footy cancelled