2021 mix tape

Short playlist for a long year, listened to lots of mixes and sets; and had a lot of days that were all meetings and no time with the cans on (which...really sucks).

Background if you care:

  • I'm Good? - Hilltop Hoods. Probably don't need to explain why a pandemic track heads this list.
  • Miss U Less See U More (Purple Disco Machine Remix) - Faithless. Went through a phase of listening to sets and mixes; and Sister Bliss used this in a DJ set, fixing it into my head for the rest of the year.
  • Aerodynamic - Daft Punk. Because Epilogue.
  • Klein aber Doctor - Atmos. A track that periodically bubbles up in my head because it has a sound/sample that's an incredibly good expression of goa. You hear it about 1min into this one, the reverby little stab. That's it, that's the reason it's on the playlist. On spotify I can only find a remix which uses a modified version almost immediately, it'll have to do.
  • Aviator - Photek. Lots of delving into techno, acid, etc led to this one on Spotify.
  • Treat Em Right - Chubb Rock. Playlists takes a sudden turn here ;) It was used in some social media video and got utterly stuck in my head, so here it is.
  • Southbound Again - Dire Straights. Kept running into Sultans of Swing and realised I hadn't really given the rest of the album a proper listen...
  • The Love Me Or Die - CJ Stoneking. Spotify ran on from my basement bars and old fashioneds playlist, and popped this up. I think this as 'squirrel nut zippers on the comedown' ;)
  • Watch Out - Chaun Davis. YouTube channel I watch used this a few times, earwormed its way into the playlist.
  • Start The Fire - Twelve Foot Ninja. TFN finally dropped their new album.
  • The Writing On The Wall - Iron Maiden. Yep, new Maiden! Very much to formula - if you love Maiden you'll love it, if you're over Maiden it won't win you back.
  • All It Takes - Karnivool. Eight years since their last new track, they released this single. They've been playing it live for a few years so hopefully this is a teaser for a full album.