According to the Gartner group, information overload is now official. Well, it was anyway; but people get excited when Gartner say things.

To quote for a second... spot the two words which have no place here: One of the biggest challenges facing an organisation today is filtering the good from the bad information. It's the classic signal/noise equation. We all like to get the right signals--and all hate the noise. But for each and every employee these are highly debatable categories. Gartner found, quite surprisingly, that the most useful information employees receive comes from personal networks, contact with friends and colleagues, and emails--rather than the finely tuned information source that is supposed to be the Intranet. But how do you manage that?

...did you spot them? I'm looking at quite surprisingly. It's not a fucking surprise. Anyone who's worked in a really big organisation knows that big orgs continue to operate successfully despite the systems they have in place. If people weren't social animals, your average big org would collapse.


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