It's really good to see that web accessibility is getting some coverage; right now the big news is that Flash MX can be made accessible. To the non-developer this is probably all greek; but what it means is this: old versions of Flash meant that blind users get nothing more than "Embedded object" or some similar description. That's the whole site, if it's flash. Flash MX allows developers to include text alternatives and long descriptions of stuff like animations. So it is possible for them to cater to all users.

The reality is that Flash creators tend to be Designers and not Developers, so they're more of the Y0 WH4SSUP i'M A FL4SH G0D school. They didn't care when their site took 15 minutes to download over a modem, so why are they going to care if a blind user can't use their site?

But still, full marks to Macromedia for only taking six versions of Flash to get there ;-] Ahh, they're on the wagon now. Marks also go to news outlets for recognising that this is News, in fact it's Big News for special-needs users.


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