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A nation of groveling pussies willing to give away anything for the illusion of safety. One arm over our eyes, the other one blindly waving a butcher knife at spooky sounds in a darkened room. We can't sleep. Monsters are everywhere. Once we kill all the monsters, then we'll ask for our rights back. But until then, you can slip that computer chip right beneath my tongue and I'll be a quiet little patriot. A glazed eye flag zombie. I'm hugging cops. I'm buying cars. I'm cutting down trees. I'm stifling dissent. I'm drilling in Alaska. I'm harassing cab drivers in turbans. I'm not asking questions. I use phrases like 'regime change' in normal conversation. .... This is not a war, this is a business decision. This is distraction from a collapsing economy. This is election fodder. This is power in action. This is propaganda in its barest form. This is way more cynical than anything I could ever think up.

I love the way this guy writes. Oh, and he has a new girlfriend.


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