Australian IT - At war over PeopleSoft (Simon Hayes, MARCH 04, 2003)

"As you know, PeopleSoft was not designed specifically for the Australian higher ed community, and the software needed to be adjusted to suit our market."

Translation: Australian universities have to change fundamental aspects of their operations since the software is hard-coded for American systems. For example, you have to stop offering "degrees" and start offering "programs". That's the exact point I personally would have told the sales rep not to let the door hit them on the arse as they left.

A spokesman for CQU implementation partner Accenture says the two continue to work together. "The University is very satisfied with Accenture's role in the project," he says. "We continue to enjoy a strong relationship with CQU, and it remains an important client."

Translation: Accenture spokesdrones would never admit they (or their work) were less than perfect and besides; they're still getting mad wads of cash to keep pecking away at the system.


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