Dilbert Comic Strip Archive - 2003.03.10 NO ONE READS IT, FREAK! Why is it that a) people sign contracts without reading them, and b) treat you like a nutcase if you do? I actually read the contract when I bought my car. It was a new car. It was the biggest thing I'd ever bought, by tens of thousands of dollars. I was signing up for five years and part of the deal was trading my current car. Now, I don't read software EULA screens, since it's not worth the time. But for my car, it was worth the time. Apparently I'm the only guy the salesdroid had ever seen read it right through.

OK, so legally it wouldn't help me; but it didn't say anything really insane like "we reserver the right to revise our estimated trade-in value after you sign this document". What if it did, though? Seriously, people will sign anything. Some people would sign their own death warrant if they were told it was a form to get 20% off at their favourite store - they wouldn't read the damn thing.

Feh. I don't understand people.


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