Australian IT - SMEs freak over site slight (James Riley Michael Sainsbury, APRIL 04, 2003). More on Alston's $4million website, naturally he flat out refuses to take responsibility: "The Australian's decision to lead the article with an inflammatory headline, and run a page one pointer to this article suggesting culpability on my part, is a grotesque distortion of the facts," Senator Alston said. ...what facts would they be? The fact that over $4,000,000 got spent on a website which had a $600,000? Or the fact that the job went to multinational giant Fujitsu, instead of an Australian company?

As a sidenote - the Australian should know better than to use a headline like this one; which has an unexplained acronym, "SME". You should never assume that people know what an acronym means. You learn that in your first journo course/subject.


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