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Howard appoints tame military man as GG. Well ok that's my version of the headline. Basically Howard has chosen a guy who agrees with his views and is unlikely to do anything to offend anyone (even if he does, he'll probably smooth it over). A relatively safe choice; although it demonstrates again that Howard doesn't listen to anyone else's opinion. The new GG is noted as supporting Howard's (unpopular) stance about the war in Iraq; and I don't know that most people are particularly keen on having a military man as GG in the current world climate. *shrug* still better than bloody Hollingworth.

Court to rule if drunks can sue - The High Court heard on Friday that Ms Cole arrived at the leagues club for a champagne breakfast around 9.30am and began consuming free Spumante. She bought her last bottle from the bar at 12.30pm and was refused service about 3.30pm because she was drunk. She was ejected about 5.30pm but offered a taxi or bus home. She refused, left on foot and was struck by the car around 6.20pm. The club couldn't force her into a taxi; and they couldn't reasonably be expected to stop her obtaining more booze from somewhere else. There has to be a limit on the club's responsibility/liability. She didn't have to drink anything; she chose to get blotto.

Rare plane had curse. THE Australian War Memorial will today unveil a never-before displayed German Messerschmitt Bf-109. The World War II fighter plane is the only one in the world to still bear all its original paintwork. It also has carefully concealed graffiti from PoWs who built it. Most of the graffiti is a mystery of smudged crayon, but what can be made out is "extremely rude", said head aircraft conservator John White. I wonder what it says :)


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