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  • - a company in Los Angeles has swung a deal with Laos to take over the .la TLD. An abuse of domain naming? Yep. Surprising? No.
  • Australia's great broadband disaster. Australia has a lower broadband connection rate than Estonia... now to be fair, I don't think many Australians could find Estonia on a map; so let's look at it in a better way. 60% of Australians have access to the net. Only 2% use broadband. On top of that, the quality of service vs. price is terrible - we get tiny data limits and relatively slow connections, with huge fees. Then we have Senator Alston, fuckwit extraordinaire; who remains our Communications Minister despite a desperate need for removal from the gene pool. For example, Alston thinks Telstra's poor revenue is due to good competition. Actually, Telstra is in the shit because - as an organisation - it can't find its arse with both hands.
  • Voyager to a Strange Planet.


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