Some stuff from the news....

  • BBC | Moaning workers are "ill"
  • | One third live their life stoned. A THIRD of Australians cruise through life stoned. A study shows 27 per cent rely on drugs or drink risky levels of alcohol for their mental well-being. ... The Australia Institute survey reports men are more likely to seek refuge in alcohol, while women turn to tablets. Sweet! Give me another scotch, I'm normal.
  • The Courier-Mail | Sexual Politics. Yup, we really do have a porn star and a drag queen running for Lord Mayor. It's a pity their policies tend to be more practical than the normal pollies. In the Ryan by-election, Tamara Tonite and Nigel Freemarijuana had far better policies than the crap trotted out by the major parties. Go figure. Remember kids: they don't report informal votes (donkey votes); so if you don't like the major parties, vote for the porn star or the drag queen. Otherwise your protest vote will get lumped in with the people who just fucked up their ballot.


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