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Globetechnology | Delivering perfect pitch: [T]he music industry is divided over the use of computer hardware called autotuners, used by acts such as Britney Spears and N Sync ... Pop stars and punk bands alike are piping their voices through the hardware, which corrects and improves their vocal pitch during concerts and on records. Well, they are called NSync, not NTune. I think it's cheating, at least on stage. In the studio it's a different matter; it's more like being lazy (or having to put down a track in too short a time).

Yahoo! News - Do Video Games Now Draw More Women Than Boys??

MSNBC | Microsoft?s big role on campus. * News | Why computer virus writers are useful and we should thank them. Same argument people raise about hackers - they expose the weaknesses of a system. As the system's vulnerabilities are fixed, it gets "stronger". Interesting take on the subject.


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