Slashdot | Say Goodbye To Your CD-Rs In Two Years? I think I've had nightmares along these lines... I can't read dutch so I don't know if there's a specific list of CDR brands which fail fast. However the comments to this article back up what I've always thought - cheap discs are crap disks unless you really know which ones to buy. Personally I used Kodak for ages, never had any troubles. They're the ones who make the (stupid) 100 year claim (as if they could possibly have tested it). For no reason I know of, they've all but disappeared off the market. Since then, I use Sony blanks; same thing - no hassles. I've also used Laser, which are cheapies; and they've been ok. Then, the really ugly - I've seen cheaparse cds (think Mr Platinum) where the foil flaked off a few months after burning, showing exactly where fingers touched the top of the disc.

Ultimately I figure the only real way to keep data is roll it over to new media every few years. Floppies -> CDs -> DVDs -> whatever comes next. The capacity increases each time; too. Plus, how much data do we really need to keep? Have you ever hung on to an ancient version of some program, "just in case"?


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