Slashdot | Slashback: Bouncing, Taxing, Releasing. Regarding the BBC's announced public library of BBC material:

Well, not releasing everything, No, not as such, that is, you see ... An anonymous reader writes "According to this press release from the BBC, the 'BBC creative archive' (earlier on slashdot) will not be as full as previously assumed. As the page says, 'The BBC Creative Archive would make selected BBC material universally available for private not commercial use in the UK.' (my emphasis) Looks like we won't be able to get the Hitchhiker's Guide and complete works of Monty Python after all, folks."

Now, everyone who really thought the BBC would suddenly give up their video/cd/dvd revenue, please stand up.... I will now point and laugh at you for being FUCKING IDIOTS. The BBC won't even license Dr Who samples for use in music (see "BBC blocks the doctor" in the tychnews 2001 archive), because they are "particularly protective of the Dr Who brand".

The beeb will more than likely release anything they know they can't sell. Apply that filter and you'll see why I never really got excited.


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