false economy

Foolproof [dive into mark] - Mark Pilgrim's adventures in breadmaking. Our breadmaker periodically produces a baked dough rock instead of a loaf. For no apparent reason. It's highly annoying. I have come to the opinion that yes, the bread is nice when it works. But I really can't be fucking bothered for daily consumption. There are shops for this purpose... and then I don't have to wash up the breadmaker's basket thingy, which can't be immersed. In fact, the instructions say "do not wet the outside of the basket thingy" (well ok they use whatever its real name is). Excuse me, it had DOUGH in it. It has little nooks and crannies where the paddle clips on. It needs cleaning... and I can't get the outside of it wet, let alone immerse the fucking thing? Gah.

We also have a juicer. The juice is great. The half hour scrubbing vainly at the fruit-encrusted internals is not so great. I'd like to point out that we do not save any money on bread or juice. So if you are planning to buy one of these appliances; do not fool yourself - you will theoretically get nice fresh bread and juice, but you will NOT save money. I don't know why people think they are going to save money... would you expect that if you were installing an espresso machine? Of course not. Same thing with breadmakers/juicers/icecream makers/pasta makers.

Meanwhile, someone in the comments section provides a link to an amusing comic.


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