it's hot and noisy

It's hot and noisy... the two surest signs that I'm working from home today. The two building sites across the road have been relatively quiet for the last couple of weeks. Today I'm at home, and voila! they turn up with bobcats (earthmoving gear for the uninitiated). Plus the lovely rain has stopped; letting us know that summer is really here now. No more relief, just heat and humidity.

To make it perfect, I have no car and will have to walk to the shops to get lunch. Yech. Plus, brains trust here left his hat and umbrella in the car; so I'll have to find something in the cupboard to keep a little sun off, lest my pale skin go crispy-fried.

The mechanics better get everything right today. Otherwise deaths may occur. Or at least, pissed last-time-coming-here customer will occur.


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