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To anyone who doesn't live in Australia: Australians don't drink Foster's Lager. Ever. It's just the brewing industry's little joke.

Sadly, plenty of people do drink XXXX (pronounced "four-ex", not "X-X-X-X") even though it's shite. In the southern states many drink VB (Victoria Bitter) and Toohey's New in place of XXXX. VB isn't so bad on tap, never had Toohey's New although I am partial to an occasional Toohey's Old (black ale, eat with knife and fork).

If you actually want a *good* Aussie beer; see if you can get hold of any of the following: Hahn Premium (they do an excellent driver's beer, too [that means a light beer]), Carlton Cold (NOT the vodka shot version), Tooheys Extra Dry, J. Boag & Son (they also do an excellent driver's beer), Coopers, Crown Lager. Americans please note: the alcohol content of all these is higher than you realise. Go easy ok? Bud Light is water, so don't base anything on your experience with it.

Aussies also drink stuff like Heineken, Grolsch, Beck's, Kilkenny (prefer it to Guiness, personally), etc. We done got electricity and the wheel, too.

But we never drink Foster's Lager.


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