paranoia reigns supreme in america

The Register: A mother's enquiry about buying Microsoft Flight Simulator for her ten-year-old son prompted a night-time visit to her home from a state trooper. That ten-year-old must have looked mighty fucking threatening. After all, being ten years old is a key sign of terrorist intentions!

If this is what the US calls "Freedom", they can keep it (well ok so I've said as much plenty of times already). Plus, I'd like the UN to step in and stop this evil rule from imposing its will on other countries. Ha. Ha. Ha.

If the US started fingerprinting *everyone*, how long would it take for the rest of the world to follow suit? It took just days for the world to start fingerprinting travellers for no other reason than travelling to the US. Australian airlines took on the instruction to prevent passengers lining up for the toilet - because "clustering" might mean terrorist activity.

Now I'm going to go play a game of Ghost Recon - that'll teach me to be a sniper. Then I'll play some Gran Turismo, which will teach me to drive like a pro and get away from the scene of the crime. Then I'll play Getaway to learn how to sink into the underworld without a trace. While I'm hiding out I'll play Microsoft Flight Sim to learn how to pilot a jumbo; then I will hijack a plane and WREAK HAVOC!

Or perhaps I'll stay in the real world and have some HARMLESS FUN on my PC and PlayStation2.


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