the blogger of two evils

compared with blogger (even with the LoFi interface that Opera users are still forced to use), so far livejournal has proved to be really fucking irritating to work with. the web interface lacks coherence and has some really odd default settings (why condense the profiles page, for instance?); and the style system is mystifying. my guess is that you need a paid account to run a customised lj with an external stylesheet; if you aren't willing to cough up then you have to persist with the fairly iffy code lj produces. get what you pay for, just like anything else.

to be fair; if i wasn't a professional web developer i probably wouldn't be so bothered; since lj's web interface allows you to modify settings without needing to know how to do it manually. with blogger i have near total control and that's a good thing for me since i do know what i'm doing. frankly all blogger would have to do is add comments and feed management (ie. lj's Friends feature) and they'd reproduce lj. communities are just an extension of feed management; as far as i can tell.

all that said; i've only had an lj for a couple of days and i've only spent one short session playing around with it. these are just my first impressions.


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