fun with google

Regular readers (hahahahahha eeeh, funny, "regular readers", oooh it's priceless...) *ahem* anyway, regular readers may remember the spectacular fall from Google grace that happened after my humour page was no longer indexed on tripod. Unfortunately I didn't have the forsight to take a screenshot of those stats, but the trend was for 0-10 hits per day, average of 5 hits. Previously it was more like 70-100 hits/day.

Now to quickly recap what was going on with the site in question: it used to be hosted entirely on Tripod (free hosting), until it blew out over 1gig of traffic in a month (thereby shutting the site down). So, I shifted the content to the free space I get with my ISP (Comcen); and used a frameset to sort out some location/content issues - frameset on Tripod, content on Comcen. Somehow I forgot to put meta-data in the frameset. Comcen also has a frameset in case anyone hits that location.

A few weeks on from that....

Screenshot of traffic stats, showing sharp rise in traffic - peaking at around 80 hits per day. Links to live stats page.

Apparently Google has now found the Comcen-hosted humour site. I don't really get it. But hey, traffic is back up - people are laughing... it's all good :)


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