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  • US defends mosque attack. 08/04/2004. ABC News Online / US targets insurgent held mosques - SpecialsWarOnIraq - A senior US army officer said today that Iraqi mosques will be targeted by his troops if they are used as fire bases or weapons storage depots. To put it another way; it's only a protected holy site when not in use as a bunker. US troops are pretty much forced to fire back - unless of course they simply lay down their weapons and allow themselves to be shot, because "hey! that's a mosque they're hiding in while they try to kill me - can't break the sanctity of a holy place!". Yes, if I was a solidier I would fire upon enemies who are attacking from inside a church or mosque. You would too. Save your moral outrage for something else.
  • | Security guards flee industry (April 8, 2004): THOUSANDS of security guards and bouncers are fleeing the industry - because they don't want to be exposed as criminals. There's an industry that should have been more careful in the first place.
  • Girl, 15, on child porn rap after posting sex pics online | The Register: A 15 year-old American girl has been charged with child pornography offences after posting pictures of herself online. That's just weird. How the legal aspects will be wrangled out, I just can't guess.
  • Who's beautiful now? - Entertainment - Film stars once again dominate Who's annual Most Beautiful People list. It's a pity that mags don't do "Most Interesting" people, instead of "Most Beautiful". They claim it's not solely about looks - if that's the case, don't say it's about looks. Simple.
  • Too nice Anu quits Popstars - TvRadio - In the end, Christine Anu was just too nice for reality. She resigned yesterday from the judging panel of Channel Seven's talent quest Popstars Live, unable to deliver the venom Channel Seven needs to save the show. Basically Channel Seven is desperately trying to recruit vicious arseholes, since they figure that will make their show popular. The reality (ha ha) is that there is a total glut of "reality" TV shows and they're failing miserably. They are stuck just like Channel Ten - letting their failures run to the end of the competition, rather than simply axing the shows and saving face (and money). It doesn't matter how they twiddle things around; only the very strongest reality shows are going to survive the next year. Which is pretty ironic really; the viewers are essentially voting out the shows they don't like. Maybe the channels should start allowing viewers to SMS their vote for which reality TV show to axe.
  • IOL : Conmen take victims on 'magic' money ride
  • Jewellery that puts a twinkle in your eye. 08/04/2004. ABC News Online: The latest fashion trend to hit the Netherlands is eyeball jewellery. Dutch eye surgeons have implanted tiny pieces of jewellery in the mucous membranes of the eyes of six women and one man.


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