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  • Howard axes ATSIC. 15/04/2004. ABC News Online: Prime Minister John Howard says federal Cabinet agreed to axe ATSIC after a submission from Aboriginal Affairs Minister Amanda Vanstone today. 'We believe very strongly that the experiment in separate representation, elected representation for Indigenous people has been a failure,' Mr Howard said. I'm not sure if this is an out-of-left-field attempt to gain favour leading up to an election; or a case of "what the hell, I'm going to lose anyway" type of action. Because surely it can't be a non-political action. / PM pulls plug on ATSIC - National - What the government is concerned about is delivering better services to indigenous Australians, giving them a better chance to share in our prosperity, which the current arrangements simply have not done. [said Sen. Vanstone]
  • 'Bin Laden tape' offers peace with Europe but not US - SpecialsGlobalTerrorism - / | 'Bin Laden' offers Europe a truce (April 15, 2004)
  • I couldn't find much on this... but did everyone catch the press conference with Dubya; aired here last night? Dubya's response to the question "What has been your worst mistake, and what did you learn from it?" was just pathetic. The President of the US should not be so completely unable to answer such a basic job interview style question. The President certainly shouldn't resort to asking for sympathy for being under pressure to produce an answer - it's a press conference, that's what they are for. Americans... please... make sure you vote that fuckwit out of office. (Update: here's a mention of it - Bush Makes Three Mistakes While Trying to Cite One)
  • ABC Sport - Rugby League - Broncos to appeal points decision. Let's face it, the NRL isn't going to back down - they'd rather strip points off the Broncos than wear any suggestion that the officials may have made a mistake in the way the situation was handled. Frankly the players should be up in arms that a concussion no longer rates a pause long enough to get the injured player off the field. Not to mention the fact that Tigers were allowed to play with one additional player as a direct result of their illegal tackle - this entire situation is based on a high tackle against a Broncos player. ARGH. Ahh well. I guess the Broncos will have to pray they don't miss out on the finals by two points.
  • Mobile phone goes off with a bang. 14/04/2004. ABC News Online. Ringtones don't seem so annoying now, in the face of exploding phones.


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