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  • PM targets gays in marriage law - National - Gay couples will be banned from marrying or adopting children from overseas but will be allowed to inherit their partner's superannuation under proposed changes to marriage laws announced today. Howard has openly imposed his own opinion on the country; using the "elected representative" catch cry. Another bit of rushed legislation that suggests to me that he knows he won't get voted back in, so fuck what the voters think.
  • Italian law on pizza purity a mouthful - World - It may be too early to talk about pizza police but Italian legislators are mulling a detailed draft law laying down rules to protect real Neapolitan pizza. Personally I think it goes too far to specify where the ingredients used come from; as opposed to what the ingredients should be. But hey, I rarely eat anything that an Italian would call a "pizza" :)
  • MTV bans 'Super Size Me' ads - Film - MTV has refused to screen ads for Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock's film about fast food and overeating, because they are 'disparaging to fast food restaurants'. No, really? A film which shows how sick you'd get trying to eat nothing but McDonalds... and it's disparaging to fast food restaurants? Say it ain't so! But you've got to love it when MTV has so completely lost any kind of edge it ever had, that it openly controls its content to avoid offending big business.
  • Survey finds more Porsche owners fool around. 27/05/2004. ABC News Online: Among German men, Porsche drivers were the least faithful, with 49 per cent admitting infidelity, followed by BMW drivers at 46 per cent. Among women, Audi drivers were the least reliable, 41 per cent admitting to affairs. The most faithful group were owners of Opel-Vauxhall cars, with only 31 per cent of male and 28 per cent of female drivers in Germany having committed adultery.


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