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  • Roche sentence inadequate, says Jewish leader - Anti-Terror Watch - Melbourne businessman and Jewish community leader Joe Gutnick said today he was disappointed with the sentence given to convicted terrorist Jack Roche. Roche, 50, was sentenced in Perth District Court yesterday to nine years in jail, with a non-parole period of four and a half years.
  • Newspapers adopt compact editions to woo back readers. 02/06/2004. ABC News Online. Broadsheets may be considered superior and more trustworthy, but the fact is the format is a pain in the arse to read.
  • | Holden pulls plug on car maker (June 2, 2004): HOLDEN yesterday killed off the Daewoo brand in Australia. I wonder if we'll eventually get down to just a few big brands; considering most of the cars on the road come from the same handful of parent companies... well, probably not actually. 90% of marketing etc is based on factors entirely separate from the actual product. The separate franchises give the illusion of different manufacturers, which we all like.
  • | Be on time, Jetstar flyers warned (June 2, 2004): JETSTAR might be trumpeting itself as Australia's new cheap and cheerful airline - but you need to be on time for check-in. Those not at the counter before the 30-minute pre-flight cut-off are likely to have the smile wiped from their faces as they are stopped from boarding and forfeit their cash. Note at the counter, not in the lineup for however many check-in clerks they have running at the time. So their own service levels could see passengers lose their flight. Late or not, Australians will invoke the "fair go" ideal and switch to Virgin; who at least give you a fighting chance of getting on board :)
  • Outsourced IT staff fingered porn stash banker | The Register : Porn-surfing bank supremo Michael Soden was caught with his browser down last week by the very same staff he outsourced to HP at the start of his reign at the Bank of Ireland. See - don't outsource!
  • Scare flares over fire retardant in polar bears - World - Chemicals widely used as flame retardants in homes have been discovered in Arctic polar bears and birds, and could pose a health hazard, Norwegian scientists say. Those damn polar bears just won't friggin' burn. More seriously though, this stuff is worrying. Apparently we all contain traces of Scotchguard waterproofing these days. 3M has quietly sold the brand off... coincidence?
  • FOX SPORTS | League | Willie asks to take drugs (June 2, 2004): Mason will know within a fortnight whether he can take [Ritalin] to treat an attention deficit disorder. I had wondered what they would do; since nobody seems to have a better way to treat ADHD than using amphetamines.


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