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  • | Superbug stronger than antibiotics (June 7, 2004): Dr Munckhof said it represented a 'wake-up call' on antibiotic resistance. Ronan Murray, an infectious diseases specialist at Royal Perth Hospital, said the 'Armageddon scenario' of infections not responding to a whole range of antibiotics was 'still a way off', but he described the growth of drug-resistant bacteria as 'very worrying'. We're all gonna die.
  • | Latham wooing Peter Garrett's passion (June 7, 2004): Garrett, who last year refused an overture to run as Greens candidate, was silent on the speculation. A spokesman said he was 'considering his options'.
  • Iliad cut back for text generation - World - The 'translation' of the first five of the 24 Iliad books condenses 37,000 words to 32 lines of mobile telephone text message language, with sad and smiley faces and love hearts. Ahh hell, it's as close as those illiterate young pups will ever come to reading a classic.... oh wait, I haven't read that monster either :)
  • Reality TV fades to comedy and scalpel drama - TvRadio - : Australia's commercial networks are casting around for ways to slow the audience drift from television. Apparently "stop broadcasting mind-numbing crap" is a concept that's just too hard for them to grasp.


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