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  • | Mobile phones cut sperm count (June 28, 2004): Unlike previous studies, the researchers believe mobile phones may cause damage while in stand-by mode, when mobiles are not in use but still make regular transmission to maintain contact with radio towers. Eventually someone in the US will start the mother of all class actions over this. That aside, it seems no matter how you carry/use mobiles they are harmful. Either the phones have to be properly shielded (which they should have been in the first place) or we come up with a totally new system.
  • | Baby bonus 'won't be wasted' (June 28, 2004). This pisses me off - if you decide to give out a wad of cash, you do NOT get to tell people how to spend it. If you want to control it, give out vouchers or specific rebates.
  • | Latham vows ads crackdown (June 28, 2004): Political parties - not taxpayers - should foot the bill for government advertising that was really blatant propaganda, Mark Latham said yesterday. I'd settle for forcing lower rotation of ads - I do not need to have the Medicare ads in my face ten times during one TV show. I got the message the first time (for me that was "you don't breed? FUCK YOU! hahahah! hope you don't get sick, sukkah!"). / PM dismisses Latham's advertising 'stunt'. 28/06/2004. ABC News Online. Well of course he does. He's tried to dismiss pretty much everything Latham has said as a "stunt". He needs to come up with a new insult. Besides that, he could never admit that the Medicare ads are nothing more than a pre-election sales pitch.
  • How do you like my necktie, ladies and germs - National - Neck ties are usually considered the mark of a professional, but Israeli researchers have labelled them 'fomites' - objects capable of transmitting disease from one individual to another. Yet more evidence that TIES ARE EVIL.
  • Shops fear cutting edge of year-round sales - National - Ross Honeywill, director of the Centre for Customer Strategy, a consumer research company, said the sales were a response to Myer in particular. ... He cautioned that consumers would get used to discount prices and stop paying the retail price. Well fucking DUH. People don't actually like paying huge prices, strangely enough. People do realise that standard retail prices are hugely inflated by every person having their cut; plus tax, tax and more tax. Remember those cost offsets that GST was supposed to attract? All bullshit.
  • Housing eats up 40% of income - National - First home buyers who have bought in the past three years are paying an average of almost 40 per cent of their income in loan repayments - a third more than in 1998. ... The findings add weight to concerns that a generation is being locked out of the housing market after the boom which has doubled house prices nationally since 1996.
  • 'Fahrenheit 9/11' tops North American box office. 28/06/2004. ABC News Online


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June 28, 2004 6:07 pm

Just wanted to say thanks. Ive been coming on here for several weeks to read your views etc. Your very entertaining.
Cheers buddy have a cold one on me.

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