a rare journal style post

What the hell, here's some stuff that's going on in my life... good and bad:

  • + EB sale allowed me to pick up Ratchet & Clank 2 and Ghost Recon quite cheap. Can't get GR Gold Edition though; and EB staff should be shot for their attitude if you ask about a game/expansion that's been out for more than 3 months - fuck you, kids.
  • +/- Am yet to play R&C2 since I let L go first this time :) She watched too much Ratchet 1 to feel like playing it herself.
  • + Finally paid off the only human I owed money to. Now only owe the faceless bank. My financial plan is long and boring, but proceeding.
  • - Car got collected by a piece of plywood on the freeway. Assessment on Wednesday but considering it took paint off five different panels it looks like $400 excess to come out of my budget somewhere. Damage is hopefully only superficial, but it's bad enough that it can't just be buffed out and it certainly can't be left as-is. Knowing my luck the impact destroyed an engine sensor or something. But honestly just thanking the good luck which saw the wood hit a pillar and not the windscreen.
  • +/- Found a decent digital photography mag, Australian Digital Photography or something. Only the first issue, but the production value is much better than most of the other offerings, which are barely better than junk mail. Downside is finding myself drooling over the digital SLR reviews. Mmmmm, Canon D1/D10/D300...
  • -/+ Having trouble getting good closeup/macro shots out of my digital camera. Positive side is I can probably sort that out a) with practice, b) by using a tripod and c) purchasing the addon lense. Besides, what do I expect from a (relatively) cheap digicam? :)
  • + After the success of the first one, more photo missions are now being planned. Basic idea is to pick some potentially photogenic location and go shoot lots of pics.
  • - The wonder of the net had me keenly aware that I'd rather have been in Sydney on Saturday, for vortex. That said, we will go back to Sydney; just a matter of saving some cash. It's just a pity that Brisbane's scene is so fucked.

Well that was surely boring for you all. We now return to regularly-scheduled flame-throwing.


Blogger Amaya  

June 28, 2004 3:49 pm

Which EB were you at? I'm surprised because the ones at our regular EB store are always fantastic even when it comes to older games. R&C 2 = fantastic... if you have the memory card with your old R&C 1 game still saved on it you will want it.

Vortex was all good, and if you can afford it occasional trips to Sydney are great. I'm thinking of putting together a club of my own at some point, just an event type thing. At the moment I just need some money and a venue..

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