the shield of blind faith

Mac using coworker sent this to me: MacAddict Forums X :: View topic - What does your mac do that is amazing to your PC friends?? Good to see that the Mac converted still preach the same tired crap to each other. The tremendous superiority complex of some of these users! Most ironic is the guy who blows off PC users for not knowing about Mac features; then lists a stack of Mac features which the PC has also had for years.

Basically once people get into Macs they seem to buy into all the FUD-style arguments which Mac diehards spout to justify spending another $5k on the latest and greatest Mac. For example: Macs are better, look at all this eye candy! Personally I turn all that shit off; and the Genie effect makes me seasick. Or the old classic: check out how fast my dual processer G5 with gigs of RAM can open this file! If I'd bought the latest, greatest maxed out system last week I'd fucking hope it was fast! :) Oh and finally... PCs have had dual monitor capability for years. Get over it, Macheads.

Mac: don't think. Just trust the sales guy.

Here's a thing: your Mac will crash eventually... just like any other computer, Mac or PC. Neither platform is inherently superior; and Macs are no more "intuitive" than a PC. You have to learn how to use both.

I think Mac users wouldn't bother me if they could accept that they're not better, just prettier :)


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