this i find disturbing

In the past 24 hours I've experienced two things at work that worry me:

  1. Having to - no kidding - tell someone how to find Google to do a web search. As opposed to using our site's "site search" feature, which - I can only assume - this person previously thought was searching the entire web and miraculously only giving results about our own site. Even worse is that I had to explain it twice over. You know how Google gives out site searches and has a "Search This Site / Search the Web" option? Now I know who needs that. It's the first time in my life I honestly considered recommending AOL to someone. "You're not ready for the web. There's a company that wants you... they've found your people."
  2. A request for information about our heading font. "What's so weird about that?" you say... the heading typeface is Impact. The request came from a third year student AT THE COLLEGE OF ART. What the hell kind of "art student" cannot pick Impact from 100 paces?? Fuck me. At least they picked the fact that the body text is Arial*.

* ...and nobody email me about using Arial, I didn't pick it.


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