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  • Why you shouldn't be using passwords of any kind on your Windows networks: So here's the deal - I don't want you to use passwords, I want you to use pass-PHRASES. This would be great if you only had to log in once to access everything. Most people don't live in single-sign-on nirvana however. For example, the start of my work day I log in for network (1), internet access (2) and email/groupware client (3). Then if I have to access a secondary groupware system I'm authenticating again (4), one (5) or both of our portals (6), shell (7), FTP (8) and restricted web tools (9+)... and that's just the most common stuff. I'd hate to be banging away at a pass phrase for every one of those.
  • Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report | Only defenestrate: Douglas Bowman?s 'Throwing Tables Out the Window' is a compelling crash course and proof of concept on the business benefits described at length in Designing With Web Standards. I'd link to the Stopdesign article directly, but Zeldman used the word "defenestrate" and it's such a cool word...
  • Stopdesign | Throwing Tables Out the Window, ok so Stopdesign deserves traffic too. Basically the article details just how much bandwidth a high-traffic site can save by converting from bloaty, table-based design into clean CSS-based design. Check out the table near the end.
  • Eight things I wish I?d known when I started ~ Archives ~ 26 July 2004 ~ Authentic Boredom. Sage advice.
  • super mario rampage (flash game). Mario gets tooled up and goes on a shotgun rampage.


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