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  • TJ not chased, followed, court told - National - [P]olice evidence suggests he was not being pursued, and no police were near him when he hit the fence, apparently travelling fast on a bike with faulty brakes. / | Police admit: we were following TJ (July 6, 2004): [A] police patrol truck mounted the kerb at the end of Renwick St and drove behind Thomas through parkland, then stopped at a set of gates. ... Thomas continued through the gates ... and cycled up a driveway, where he lost control on a left-hand bend and became impaled on a fence. It sounds like an accident in a location where the Police truck would not actually fit... but I guess we'll see when the inquest's findings are handed down.
  • Downer: Latham should be last person to complain - National - Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said ... Latham needed to understand that someone wanting to be prime minister of Australia had to be big enough to stand up and defend himself and his record. What Downer needs to do is listen to what Latham said... namely that it was fine to attack him, just leave his family alone. Funny when people vehmently agree with each other. Cheap shot, too obvious, no points.
    Finance Minister Nick Minchin said ... What we want to hear about is how he would run one of the world's biggest economies and manage a very big government budget. We have heard nothing from him about how he would do that. If that's what you want to know about, stop attacking him over his personal life and ask those questions. Recursive levels of ad hominem attack, no points.
  • Musharraf warns 'iron curtain' dividing West, Muslims. 06/07/2004. ABC News Online: An iron curtain is descending between the West and the Muslim world, Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has warned. ... If you manage to finish off one organisation like Al Qaeda ... you've chopped off a branch of that tree, but the tree will still grow. You must identify the root, and the root happens to be political disputes ... the root happens also to be illiteracy and poverty. The west replies: got any oil?
  • | Half of women infertile 'in a decade' (July 6, 2004): Up to half of all Australian women could become infertile within a decade due to the growing epidemic of obesity, specialists warned yesterday.
  • Music downloaders hit by geek-speak. 06/07/2004. ABC News Online: A format war has broken out among online music vendors, with competing compression and anti-piracy software determining what songs play on what devices. I think it's reasonable to say that the music industry knows that a format war is stupid and cannot be won; I suspect they are doing it to drive people back to purchasing CDs (which are copy-protected but at least relatively well supported). What kind of fool would make their music dependent on a specific bit of hardware? What happens when the companies stop making the devices in a year's time? Buy all your music again? It's enough to drive you to a life of crime: piracy vs. daylight robbery.
  • Bendigo slams door on killer kitties. 06/07/2004. ABC News Online: Bendigo council, in central Victoria, is said to be the first country council in the state to adopt a night-time curfew for cats. We had to do this with a flatmate's cat once... he got too good at hunting at night. He was still pretty happy having a go during the day, even though he never caught anything :)


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