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  • For some, you just have to spell it out - Opinion - Using correct English is important because it reduces class distinctions, writes Lynne Truss. Ohhh this is pure therapy for someone like me, who gets enraged by apostrophe abuse. My favourite quote: Why is there a silent "p" in "receipt" and not in "deceit"? Well, the quick answer is: life's a pain sometimes; stop whining; if you don't like it, go and speak German.
  • Make uni fun, or we're out the door - National - Students ... increasingly see themselves as clients ... and want their money's worth: online lectures and email-friendly tutors; course work matching career aims; great student support services; an Animal House social life, and 24-hour computer facilities. However they don't want to work for anything, don't want to fill out their own paperwork and expect to get a higher grade on their exams purely based on the fact that they have put in an appeal (not because the exam actually merits a higher mark). In my day we did our own damn enrolment forms and we didn't question an exam/assignment mark unless it was clearly and grossly unfair. Worst of all, students today make everyone else sound like their parents. Fuckers.
  • Don't assume no one is scanning your email - Breaking - Simple rule: treat email like a postcard. You have no idea who is going to read it... and while it may not be interesting to anyone else, ut absolutely everyone involved between you and the recipient has ample opportunity to read it; copy it; even tamper with it.
  • | Microsoft hires hacker suspect (July 12, 2004): A MAN accused of hacking into search engine company AltaVista's computer systems about two years ago is now employed by Microsoft, reportedly working on search technology. This from the same company that puts a bounty out on hackers heads if they attack MS products. Not that we are surprised by double standards from MS.
  • Beazley to take defence portfolio. 12/07/2004. ABC News Online: Federal Opposition leader Mark Latham has announced that the man he beat to the ALP leadership, Kim Beazley, will return to Labor's frontbench. Beazley, the Rasputin of Australian politics... :)
  • The Courier-Mail: Net piracy hijacks sales [12jul04]. OK, let's have a look at this.... Almost one in five Australians illegally download movies from the Internet, and most are buying fewer DVDs and videos as a result. "Most" huh? Well let's read further: Australians were more likely than anyone, except the Koreans and French, to curb their spending on movies, with 17 per cent saying they bought DVDs and videos less often now. Oh, so "most" now means "fewer than one in five", I must have missed that memo. This quote is also very vague - did they ask why they curbed spending? Could it be the high cost of living is preventing people spending as much on leisure stuff? [T]he trend was primarily fuelled by 'sheer impatience' as people were forced to wait up to eight months for films to be released on DVD. So release earlier.
  • The Sunday Mail QLD: Transport figures don't add up [11jul04]: Public transport usage has remained static at 7 per cent of all trips, the same figure as in 1992. Transport 2007's target is 9 per cent. ... Critics said it was time for the Government to 'face reality' and stop trying to force people to use a public transport system that was unable to service southeast Queensland properly. Despite the millions upon millions poured into busways, the actual service remains expensive and unreliable. We have a new ticketing system, whoop-de-fuckin-doo, the bus didn't turn up.
  • | That bare belly is no longer hip (July 12, 2004): The belly and g-string baring combination of hipster jeans and cut-off top has had its day. Apparently now everyone will just have to guess what colour your undies are...


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