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  • | Eadie vows to beat drugs claim (July 15, 2004). So far nothing has actually been proved, yet he's been dumped from the team. What happens if he can prove his innocence, but it takes long enough to miss the games? If he's guilty then screw him, but we are supposed to presume innocence.
  • Australian IT - The way the web was won (Sheena MacLean, JULY 15, 2004): The web is unique in that news editors can measure what stories are being read and how long people spend reading them. The results can challenge conventional judgments about news values and, with visits to online news sites increasing tenfold in recent years, they may help to define the environment in which media buyers are increasingly spending their dollars.
  • BBC NEWS | Americas | Senate rejects gay marriage ban : An attempt to change the US constitution to ban gay marriage has been rejected by the Senate. I don't understand people who think allowing gay marriage will cause the decline and fall of civilisation. Maybe someone should explain that gay people don't disappear just because they aren't allowed to get married.


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