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  • Jetstar defends pilots over 'near miss'. 18/07/2004. ABC News Online: Jetstar chief executive Alan Joyce says the pilots involved in an alleged near miss 'did the right thing'. How very enlightening. Here's everyone else thinking the pilots should have just run into each other.
  • Bus drivers in the seat of power - National - Bus drivers will be able to order unruly school students off their buses and refuse to pick up students who have misbehaved under revised transport laws. This could only work if a second person was on the bus along with the driver. The driver cannot both drive the bus and watch the kids well enough to know what's going on - enough to identify exactly who did what. That, or buses will end up with cameras recording everything - stills can then be sent to schools and THEY can identify the kids. But that's a pretty serious privacy issue. Frankly, bus drivers are part of a group of people who I *used* to have sympathy for... but having been tailgated by speeding buses one too many times, fuck 'em.


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