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  • | Staring down the barrel at charges (July 27, 2004): THE female security guard at the centre of yesterday's shooting could now face murder charges, leading legal experts said yesterday. ... Since February 2002 [the law has stated that] you can't intentionally or recklessly cause death to protect property or to prevent criminal trespass. It's a slippery slope to giving attackers more rights than their victims. Obviously you can't have free reign to kill people, but at the same time you do wonder where the line is. This case sounds like it will come down to an interpretation of whether the guard was in danger at the precise time of the shooting. Apparently if she'd shot him while he was belting her with the knuckle dusters it would have been ok.
  • Worm slows search engines. 27/07/2004. ABC News Online: Security researchers say the new MyDoom worm scours victims' computers and Internet search engines for email addresses and propagates itself by sending an infected file to the addresses it finds. Take out Google... now there's a bit of cyber terrorism. There are a lot of people who don't seem to realise there are other search engines. Take Google away from them and it's like taking away the net.
  • Wiring blamed for Jetstar emergency. 27/07/2004. ABC News Online. That's two incidents in a matter of weeks. Jetstar is fucked.
  • Trevor takes TV's biggest prize. 26/07/2004. ABC News Online: He takes home $1 million, the largest cash prize in Australian television history. I wonder if they've had to sedate Eddie Macguire over that statement ;)
  • FOX SPORTS | League | NRL defend 'whipping boys' (July 27, 2004): Chief operating officer Graham Annesley has defended referees after a dramatic weekend which centred on at least five controversial incidents. This is the NRL reaping what it sowed by giving all the big games to the one referee for years on end... now that he's retired we've got a bunch of inexperienced refs. Just like inexperienced players, they make mistakes.


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