when it seems too good to be true...

One terabyte of email... it sounds like a great deal, huh? Well it's not so great when the sysadmin thinks the Bastard Operator From Hell is a manual and not a satire.

There's an email system called youvegotpost (screw giving them any referring links, add a .com if you're curious) which has become the subject of a Something Awful forum thread (jump to page 11 for the really nasty stuff). To cut a long story short, the sysadmin doesn't just read user email; they delete email/accounts pretty much at whim and when judged to do most damage. They not only delete any account linked with Gmail, they have harvested email addresses off Something Awful and deleted those accounts too.

Take a look throught the forum... it's incredible reading.

(thanks to Alan F for the link)


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