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  • | Unwired aims for 100,000 in a year (August 19, 2004): HIGH speed wireless internet start-up Unwired wants more than 100,000 customers in Sydney in the next 12 months and may begin network deployments in the Gold Coast and Melbourne before the end of the year. Gold Coast... bastiches... Given all the problems with cable/dsl, it's interesting to see wireless solutions turning up. It makes a lot of sense to use wireless setups - customers just need the wireless card. Flip side is the security issues are that much harder for the average user to keep up with - wireless security is relatively new and it's only a couple of months since massive vulnerabilities were identified in the most common protocols. In any case, it will be interesting to see how this sort of company fares in Australia.
  • | Butler comes with $100k price tag (August 19, 2004): Former Tasmanian governor Richard Butler is asking $100,000 to tell his story, on top of the $650,000 payment for resigning from his post.


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