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  • Telstra chafes at discounts for poor - National - Telstra says it may be forced to scrap $160 million in support for poor customers if retail price caps on services such as local calls and line rentals are not abolished. Or to put it another way: they want to charge whatever they want and they're going to screw poor people to do it. Telstra, listen up - WE NOTICED YOUR RECORD PROFIT. We know Telstra can afford $160m, this is just their usual bullshit.
  • Tactics to blame for 'no row' debacle: official - Rowing - : A Rowing Australia board member has hosed down suggestions the Australia's women's rowing eight expected team-mate Sally Robbins to run out of steam, saying the crew paid the price for its race tactics. If they had doubts they shouldn't have put her in the team. I have to think that Robbins' only future in rowing would be as an individual rower, though. No team is going to have her after this. I certainly think the other team members acted like complete shits over it.
  • Broncos have Thorn in their side again - League - Thorn ... signed for the next three seasons as a ready-made replacement when Tallis decides to hang up his boots - possibly at the end of this season. I'd be surprised if Tallis didn't retire at the end of this year; the risks of permanently hurting his neck are too high and he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. Suggesting that Thorn could step back into the team and be captain, however... I don't know about that. I don't think you can walk straight into a team and become captain, it's been four years and it's a different Broncos.
  • Ten things I hate about tech - Icon - . Yep.


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