stuff and/or nonsense

  • + order from rocking horse finally turned up. hurrah for Laibach.
  • + order from GUP turned up really fast. hurrah for VNV dvd and magazine goodness.
  • + went to the broncos home game on sunday
  • - broncos got beaten
  • -- by the bulldogs
  • - had a bunch of screeching bulldog-supporter children behind me who didn't shut the fuck up for the entire match. sure, scream and shout, but give it a rest occasionally. and don't try to make up chants on the fly, kids. feh. i hate sitting near kids. the parents were probably worse though. it'd be nice to get a bunch of broncos supporters sitting near me sometime :)
  • + apparently there'll be a broncos home final
  • + actually enjoyed the olympic opening ceremony. made sydney look really dicky (well, as much of sydney's ceremony that i've actually seen - i'm apparently the only person in .au who didn't watch it at the time; as i was driving when it was on). plus it was very cool to have a great dj set behind the athlete parade. although drreagan's observations about the torch/flame amuse me.
  • ++ The Dream. Roy and HG. Need i say more?
  • - can't imagine i'll get to sydney for this. it being in another state, this weekend and all.

now it's monday. meh. meh.. murflemeh.


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