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  • The Washington Monthly | AN ECHO, NOT A CHOICE.... which points out how utterly useless online surveys are. Most (99.9%) surveys run by your news website of choice are statistically meaningless. Especially those with two poor choices, eg. do you like X or Y? with no option to say you hate both of them.
  • SimpleBits | Accessibility Progress. Two steps forward, one step back. There is a nasty sleeper issue in accessibility: blind users are a strong lobby group which doesn't really care about any other form of disability or accessibility disadvantage (which is understandable to a point). The key issue here is accessibility is not just about blind users, yet many articles/people use "disabled" and "blind" as though they were interchangeable. This means some people mistakenly believe that meeting blind users' requirements makes something "accessible". Which is like saying your car has been completely serviced because you changed the oil (you'd better hope your brake fluid is ok...).
  • Mastery, Mystery, and Misery: The Ideologies of Web Design (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox): Web users want instant gratification and have little patience for the mystery approach's detours and puzzles. ... Surfing to check out cool sites is a thing of the past. Every so often, I agree 100% with Jakob Nielsen. This is one of those times.
  • How To Attack An IE/Win Bug, describing the Holly hack and the "relative" fix.: It's a well-known fact that the Internet Explorer (Win) browser has a wide variety of display bugs. ... Although a full understanding of how IE 'gets it wrong' is a full-time job, it is possible to get by with a modicum of bug fixing tools, which is what this article is going to teach you. Basically this article gets into the problem of where to start when your design isn't working in IE6.
  • mezzoblue | Standards Resources for Beginners. All web developers eventually get asked where someone should start learning. Those of us with a conscience want to give advice on how they should learn standards compliant web development, not just any-old-crap HTML. But it is quite hard to find a complete primer. See the comments on the linked post for various suggestions.


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