breakfast, the good and the bad

  • The Regatta (Toowong) street cafe menu is pretty good, plenty of options, good coffee and friendly staff. Regatta is ok during the day - too busy late afternoon/evening though.
  • Blu Grotto (Rosalie) breakfast buffet is good, has a big range and heaps of everything; but finishes at 11.30am so get there early enough to take your time and enjoy it. Note that buffet price is based on you purchasing a drink as well, which personally I think should be included in that sort of deal but hey they are trying to make money.
  • Oliver's Cafe at Milton... cheap fucks, don't bother. They advertise all-day breakfast for a certain price but on the day it wasn't available at that price. Their "big breakfast" option is listed on the menu as coming with fried/poached/scrambled eggs, but it costs $1 extra for scrambled. It cost another $1 since I had the temerity to ask for tomato sauce. You only get one piece of tomato, my girlfriend only got one slice of bacon and - while very thick and tasty - a lot of it was fat. She paid for two hash browns (they're extra) and received one hash brown cut in half. Crappy attitude from lone staff member who clearly couldn't deal with the stress of a service job. Skipped coffee after seeing crap technique. Probably should have demanded money back (you pay first) but didn't feel up to the argument. I hope they're happy - they got a few extra bucks from us and we'll never go back. Had planned to try their dinner menu but fuck that.



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