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  • After using for... shit, must be years now... I upgraded to a premium account. This means nifty features, but it has since occurred to me that I can now put a dollar amount on the cost of spam.
  • Broncos live to fight another round in the finals, this being about the only time I will ever be happy to see the Roosters win :) That said, even under those circumstances I still don't enjoy seeing Fittler score a try ;)
  • I'm amazed at the amount of people in the world who are totally convinced that any one uni (at least in Brisbane) is actually better than another. As in, across the board/intrinsically/really different. This is total crap, yet I frequently see students whingeing about their uni and how they're going to switch to another. I'd love to know what they think later when they realise ALL unis have departments which are underfunded, academics overworked or disinterested, facilities a pile of shit. All you should research is which one offers the best course in your specific area of study. The rest is marketing. To put it another way: you will not find tertiary nirvana by blindly switching universities.


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