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Hi everyone. Gather 'round.

I'd bet quite a bit that you haven't noticed the changed content wayyyy down the bottom of this blog, and hey that's fine. If I wanted it to be in your face it'd be at the top.

Part of that content is a "get rid of internet explorer" section, with links to Opera and Firefox. This was inspired by IE being so crap, but also prompted by a nice guy over at the Mozilla foundation dropping me an email (who know how, but to my surprise he'd noticed the has microsoft finally noticed that people are pissed off with IE6? post). Asa asked so nicely, how could I refuse? ;)

Basically, if you use IE I want you to try a different browser. Opera and Firefox are both excellent choices. If you use Opera, be sure to go into Preferences and set it to "Identify as Opera" since otherwise it will turn up in server logs as IE6 - thereby shooting itself in the foot. Server admins need to know what you're really using!

But ditch IE. It's a piece of shit.

Get Opera Get Firefox


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