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The Official Goodies Rule - OK! Fan Club Website - News: MEDIA RELEASE December 7, 2004 The Goodies ? British Comedy Legends Go LIVE in Australia! ?.Tim, Bill and Graeme live up to their catchphrase ?We go anywhere anytime!? Legendary British comedy trio The Goodies will appear live in their first ever touring stage show at Sydney's Big Laugh Comedy Festival in March 2005. The most-loved and prolific of all the UK?s great comedians, The Goodies - Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor, and Graeme Garden ? are creating a live show which will have its world premiere at The Big Laugh 2005. The Goodies will open the Big Laugh Comedy Festival at the Riverside Theatres at Parramatta on March 3, and at State Theatre on March 4 and 5, and will also play in Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. [my emphasis :)]


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