the roundup of stuff

  • happy whatever-you-celebrate. happy and safe.
  • good christmas all up.
    • day one: drove to L's parentals, drank, ate.
    • day two: opened presents, ate, drove to my sister's place, drank, ate, drank more. huzzah for going around the world in whiskey (scotch, irish, american).
    • day three: eventually got up, ate, played with cats, went home. in case you're wondering, my family has a policy of no presents except for small kids. which is brilliant, since we can afford the best food/booze :)
  • ratchet & clank threeeeee!!!!!!
  • was pondering whether to go to the gold coast big day out, but that is now academic since it sold out. as in tickets. damn. damn. chemical brothers/carl cox/beastie boys probably won't do a brisbane gig. fuck. damn.
  • will be throwing ourselves at the mercy of public transport on new year's eve. while this may be folly, it will at least allow me to drink for once. again, so soon? gasp.
  • have nearly found the unit underneath all these fucking boxes. unpacked enough to start putting the flattened boxes into storage. yay. hot, sweaty and shitty work though.
  • lots of digital camera joy lately, although i am highly jealous of a sony i saw over christmas. super-super-macro *drool*


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